It's been a while since I wrote a review for a place that I have frequented. I mean, the quarantine happened and before the new normal, most of the places I have blogged were newly-opened restaurants.

For this post, I will be featuring a co-working space that I really admire. It is just sad that our city is still in enhanced quarantine so I can't visit this place often, but I will surely do once everything is better. I have been in different co-working spaces before but so far, this has been the best. I would tell you why as you get through this blog post. I also highly recommend this space for everyone else who needs an appropriate space to work or to study without hassle and worries. This is Get Started Co-Working Space

    I've started visiting this place earlier this year while looking for a new place to work. I'm one of those who find it challenging to work or study at home or in a cafe which is why I prefer co-working spaces. I've discovered this place while walking in the street and decided to check their official Facebook page to know about it a little better. I didn't find anything unusual or bad about the place so I decided to give it a try. I did and I'm not disappointed. 

Here are some things that I love about Get Started Co-Working Space:
Its clean and soothing interior. 
Though its space is limited compared to other co-working spaces, Get Started has maximized what it has. It has also maintained a clean environment which is free of unnecessary decors which may cause distractions to its clients. Somehow, the place gives me a minimalist- eco friendly vibe which I am so into this year. Their choice of neutral colors and placement of chairs are on point to make people feel at ease. 
I also love their framed quotes which are really motivating.
They sell sustainable products. 
I support "green" businesses. It shows the owner's manifestation which were reflected on the items they've decided to put out to their customers. Aside from the usual print-photocopy services, Get Started sells eco products such as plantable pencils (which I also have), wooden eating utensils, and organic food items such as chia seeds. 
They got free brewed coffee, iced tea, and water for their customers. 
As far as I know, this is the only co-working space in Cebu that has all those beverages for unlimited amount. I know one which does but they offer instant or coffee in sachet. Another one offers them for a limited time only regardless if you have stayed for 10 hours. The drinking utensils in their pantry are also clean and well-organised. 

They have a clean comfort room. 
A lot of business establishments tend to forget about having a pleasant bathroom since it's not readily seen unless if customers need to go there. However, I always think that a clean bathroom is as important as having a clean space. Other co-working spaces I know have defective toilet flush, smelly odor, while there are some which has no bathroom utensils. I'm happy that Get Started isn't one of those. Their toilet works well, it has soap, toilet paper, etc. It is also evidently well-maintained. 
My favourite thing about Get Started Co-working Space is that they have polite and friendly staff. 
Ever since I availed their service, their staff have always been polite and they talk and act in professional manner. They are ready to answer your questions and offer their services which you may not know and very attentive. 

I visited Get Started during the quarantine since I needed a place with high-speed Internet connection. They are well-prepared about sanitary protocols. They have a hand washing area before you go inside the space and a foot bath. They also offer free rubbing alcohol and implements strict wearing of face mask when you are working inside. 

      In totality, Get Started Co-working Space is a good venue to work at ease. I give this place a two-thumbs up and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's a bliss that it is a walking distance from where I live. It might be far for others but it can be accessed easily and totally worth it.

Get Started Co-working Space is located at Punta 110 Building, F. Llamas St., Punta Princesa Cebu City. 

🕰 Operating Schedule:

👉150php(includes 1 complimentary drink offered upon arrival)
👉250php (includes UNLIMITED coffee and iced tea)
👉35php (minimum 2 hours required)

Due to the existence of covid19, the establishment requires advance booking. Visit and message their official Facebook account or text them at 0992707432. 
Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you'll have the same good experience with the place as I did.

Love lots,