Cebuanos will enjoy a new mobile app for essential services soon. This new platform will help boost business in the service sector by connecting service seekers with service providers and vice versa.
CEBU CITY, July 13, 2020 -- QuickWork (, a new player in the growing online service sector, has announced the launching of its mobile app that aims to help millions of Cebuanos through this Coronavirus pandemic by helping both consumers and small business owners to jumpstart business activity while also providing key valuable services to the general public.

Although there have been similar online services that catered to both parties, there has never been a more comprehensive online business structure that effectively manages the diverse informal service and small business sector the way QuickWork is hoping to do. Moreover, there is no platform that provides services to a more localized setting like Cebu.
What is QuickWork
QuickWork connects service seekers with trusted service providers by providing an efficient platform so service providers can find reliable clients, and service seekers can connect with the right people to help them achieve great things. Furthermore, it also supports clients who need a particular service (plumbing, house moving, cleaning services, etc.) but don’t know where to look for the right people. By connecting clients to service providers, it empowers local businesses and freelance professionals and helps them grow their client base.

Service Seekers
Many Cebuanos are looking for a variety of services online yet don't know where to find a reliable provider. Whether it’s laundry services, water delivery, or accounting services, QuickWork has partnered with reliable and quality service providers that can do the job for the service seeker. More importantly, it takes the guesswork out of finding qualified, professional service providers.

Service Providers
QuickWork connects small businesses with local clients looking for these providers to do the job through the app. It also helps these businesses network with potential customers thereby widening your reach, connecting with the right target customers, and sending them real jobs from real people. Finally, it ensures that they spend less time marketing their skills and more time earning money.

How to Use the App
QuickWork has been streamlined to be user-friendly so that anyone can find what they are looking for. It has a separate app for both the service provider and service seeker - all intended to help them find each other.
Service Seekers
The service seeker app will help users connect to service providers, see different rates, choose available schedules, and see the service provider profiles. More importantly, the users will be able to give feedback on the service they received.

It follows just three easy steps:
👉Search for a specific service provider that can do a certain job from a variety of services available.
👉Book for a chosen service provider and answer the necessary questions for specific needs. Once accepted, the job will be done soon.
👉Once the job is completed, provide the feedback to the service provider.

On the other hand, the service provider app works the same way as the former but it works by finding the right customer and keeping track of job order.

Current and prospective service providers should follow the following steps:
👉Prospective service providers should fill up a form on the website after downloading the QuickWork app. Before proceeding with the next step, wait until the profile is verified and accepted.
👉Creating a business profile is free. Service seekers can check and review their business profile to make sure they give a good first impression.
👉Once a profile has been made, the service seeker will be able to get notification when someone wants to book for their service.
👉After receiving a notification, the service provider can accept the booking so they can start doing the job. They can continue communicating with the service seeker until the job is completed.
👉Finally, the job is completed. The service seeker can ask for reviews and ratings for the job done. The more positive reviews received, the better impression you can show to new and prospective customers.

To learn more about QuickWork, visit their website at