Being in quarantine for months, we can't blame anyone for craving an escapade outside the comforts of one's home. Families and even a group of friends are now planning their next beach destination. In Cebu, we have a wide variety of destinations to choose from, whether it's for an inexpensive family vacation spot or the ultimate tropical vacation. There are many great options within the island as Cebu is one of those rare places around the globe that can pass as a backpackers destination or a honeymooners paradise.

     It is also no secret that Cebu has pristine sandy shores, beach bungalows, and vibrant cultural background. I would say that looking for fun on the island is limitless. I have some beach resorts in mind if I were to give my recommendation to someone, one would be this certain resort recently visited.

     Recently, I was able to enjoy a weekend in Palicte Beach Resort with a few of my best blogger friends in the municipality of Asturias. Asturias is located on the northwestern coast of the provincial island. Even though I was with my buddies, the place is also perfect for families. 

       The northern beaches of Cebu are foreign to me as I have often frequented visiting the south. I wasn't sure what to expect going north, but a ride going to the beach always excites me! Not to mention that we were able to reach the place sans the traffic and long highway hours because we drove through Cebu's Trasncentral Highway in Balamban. That's one big bonus going to this resort, you get to enjoy the view of Cebu's lush mountains and maybe, if time permits, you can always stop by the highway for its various sceneries which would need more blog posts on its own by the way.

     The best family beach destinations for me are those with a laid-back vibe, good hearty foods, safe and healthy protocols, and of course budget-friendly. While being able to relax and get to do things beyond the shoreline are great, we also have to keep in mind that we are still experiencing a pandemic. That means we have to think of our health and safety as we gear towards reviving our local economy. This is why I would definitely go for local destinations as my way of supporting Cebu's business sector. 

     True enough, Palicte Beach Resort hits the mark of the things that I was looking for in a family destination in Cebu. Although its shoreline doesn't have white sands, it is nothing to be fret about as the resort is amazingly clean. We honestly didn't find any single piece of garbage unattended in the area. Garbage cans are also within the reach all over the place encouraging proper waste disposal. 

      From what we've heard, its underwater scenes are also worth seeing, but those can wait next year for our summer vacation. It's in Palicte Beach Resort that I was able to enjoy my first kayaking experience which for me was both exciting and memorable. I did get some scratches on my legs from the beach's rough seabed but it's really nothing to complain about as I see them as remembrances! :)

This particular hut is available for an overnight stay for only 250php. This is non-airconditioned, but it does have an electric fan. It's also replete with basic toiletries and is absolutely clean!

     Their daily and overnight rates wouldn't break one's bank account. Their overnight stay starts at 250php and with that, you can already have a comfortable place to sleep in. The resort also has proper bath and shower rooms. For those who'd love to experience chilling under the stars while jamming near a campfire, tents are available to which you can also bring your own.  

     You wouldn't go hungry at Palicte Beach Resort as the area is strategically located near its public market. The resort freely gives their guests the option to bring their own foods (with no charges) or have them cook your meals any time of the day while you revel in the beauty of the sea. The only thing you got to pay would be your drinks which are available at the resort's counter. 

    When it comes to enjoying your meals at the resort, the best part is that you get to enjoy your breakfast or your lunch by the sea with their wooden tables and chairs that you may occupy for an affordable rate. 

Here are some shots of what we have gastronomically enjoyed during our stay at Palicte Beach Resort: 
                              Fresh dragon fruit straight from the bountiful earth of Asturias!
Sarap All-Day Breakfast costs 75php each, all available all-day. Each breakfast meal is consists of a cup of rice, egg (whether fried or scrambled), and fried breakfast dish.
        Who wouldn't want this OG boiled banana and fermented fish Cebuano combo?
Who would like to go home when you get to enjoy a lunch like this by the sea?
Enjoy fresh coconut juice at the resort freshly-picked within the resort's vicinity! Each coconut juice only costs 15php~!
If you are coming with a large group of people, I would recommend that you avail of their crispy lechon belly. It's a must-try dish which only costs 2,200php. The meat weighs 5 kilos! Perfect for your afternoon lunch by the sea.
Aside from their all-day breakfast meals, you may also avail of their specialty dishes. Just make sure to have it noted as you booked in advance so their staff can serve you with the most ease!
The Bayanihan spirit is very much alive in Palicte Beach Resort!
The resort has concrete cottages available for rent for only 300php!
Because the resort owners love and respect nature so much, they built these cute birdhouses all over the trees within the resort. 
They also have this cute tree house which is Instagram-worthy!
Organic, medicinal, and decorative plants of different sorts are available in the resort. They even have an Arabica coffee! If you love taking home a piece of its natural beauty back to the city, their plants would be perfect. Plus, they are also available at an affordable price.
The resort owners are looking into the healthy-conscious market, which is why they are planning to sell this cold health beverage made out of Miracle Fruit Calabash. The fruit is said to have countless health benefits.
Once you're in the resort, I highly encourage you to revel in its early morning silence and just appreciate the beauty that mother nature has bequeathed to us. The place is ideal for practicing the art of doing nothing.
🌊🌴How to Get to Palicte Beach Resort 
       We reached the resort through a private vehicle so you too can definitely reach the place through a similar instance as well. The place has a huge parking area so bringing your own vehicles is nothing to worry about.

       You may also reach the place by riding a bus or a v-hire bound for Asturias from Cebu City. A bus from Corominar going to Asturias or Tuburan will take you to the place. Bus fare these days in Cebu costs 133php (non-airconditioned) or 158php (airconditioned).

        Another option is going to the place via v-hire. V-hire fare going to Asturias costs 180php. V-hires going to Asturias can be hired at Ayala Center Cebu Terminal or at I.T Park Cebu Terminal.

🌊🌴Palicte Beach Resort...
- asks 20php entrance fee 
- has airconditioned rooms available for an overnight stay for 500php (no shower/comfort room) or 600php (private shower and comfort room)
- has native huts available for an overnight stay for only 250php (with electric fan)
- has tents for rent (400php for big tents which can accommodate 4 people), (200php for smaller tents good for 2 persons)
- has a spacious concrete cottage for 300php, if you'd like to use a karaoke machine in the cottage, the fee would be at 1000php
- has All-Day available breakfast meals for 75php which you may order with a glass of juice for 20php or a fresh coconut juice for 15php
- has kayak boats available for rent (150php per hour)
- has a great under the sea view ideal for snorkeling 
- has functional shower and comfort rooms with abundant water supply
- has no wifi or television, but you can still have internet access in the area via mobile data
- has a store which sells basic needs

Palicte Beach resort is located in Barangay Tubigmanok, Asturias, Cebu. Contact them at 0921 683 7853 for bookings, inquiries, and other reservations. 

🌊🌴Palicte Beach Resort in a Nutshell
        In totality, I highly recommend the beach resort for a much-awaited getaway. It's clean, safe, affordable, accessible, and simply dazzling to miss. It's an ideal place to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention, it is also much accessible compared to other beach resorts in Cebu which are now getting crowded due to popularity. 
        I hope you'll get to visit and enjoy the beach once you get there just as we did. 
Don't forget to leave nothing but footprints and
take nothing but worthwhile memories.
Good luck!