Dr. Ryan Michael Sanchez Inting
Dr. Ryan Michael Sanchez Inting with parents Consultant Ricardo "Ric" N. Inting and Realtor Marissa Sanchez-Inting

At 27 years old, Ryan Michael Sanchez Inting has the best of both worlds. He has achieved his long-time dream of becoming a doctor. At the same time, he made his parents happy by helping out in the family’s real estate company.

Dr. Ryan is the second son of power couple Ricardo ‘Ric’ and Marissa Inting, owners of Land Asia Realty & Development Corp.

“Since I was young, I wanted to become a doctor. For me, passion gyod nako,” he recalls. “(I am) thankful to my parents. They are very supportive even if I choose a different career path.”

He and his two brothers have been helping out in the family’s real estate business since they were young.

“I came to love it. I feel fulfilled in helping people find their ideal homes,” says Dr. Ryan. He is both a licensed real estate broker and a licensed real estate appraiser.

While he did enjoy the real estate business, his desire to become a doctor remained.

“I can earn more (in real estate) but fulfillment, especially when you see a patient who recovers from critical phase,” Dr. Ryan says.

After he graduated from the medical technology course and became a licensed medical technologist, he took a one-year break to work full time as a real estate broker for the family business. He wanted to save his earnings so he could help fund his medical studies. 

He knew his parents were willing to pay his tuition and other expenses but he wanted to pay for part of the cost of his medical course.

“I don’t want be place much burden on my parents. I already graduated from my pre-med course so I should be able to help pay for my medical course,” Dr. Ryan explained.

After taking a one-year break, he enrolled at the Cebu Doctor’s University to become a full-time medical student.

However, he still referred possible clients, mostly friends, to Land Asia since he could no longer go on side tripping with clients.

Now that he has become a licensed doctor, he plans to pursue surgery as a specialty, probably oncology or pediatric surgery, but his choice could change.

While Dr. Ryan plans to practice medicine, he also intends to continue his involvement in Land Asia.

“For me, I really don’t need to choose between the two. I can be both - being a doctor and a (real estate) broker.  It’s more of balancing, of time management,” he explains.

When asked for his advice to those who want to take up medicine, Dr. Ryan says medicine is a difficult course but one could succeed through a mix of persistence, mental strength and hard work. “One needs to work hard, continually read books (on medicine),” he said. 

He admits however that nothing beats practical experience for one to pass the medical board examinations. “Board examination questions are situational. The actual experience one gets during internship would help a lot.”

For now, he wants to practice medicine in Cebu and be with his family. Dr. Ryan is also eager to do his part as a frontliner. Being a doctor is a different kind of fulfillment for him. “When you see a patient who is critically ill and then recover, the sense of fulfillment is something special.” 

Dr. Ryan Michael Sanchez Inting

Dr. Ryan Michael Sanchez Inting with his parents Consultant Ricardo "Ric" N. Inting and Realtor Marissa Sanchez-Inting and brothers Ray Marc S. Inting and Rhett Marvin S. Inting