Christmas isn't complete without any sweet treat. Leche plan, cupcakes, cakes, pies, you name it, and any Filipino household surely has something sweet at their holiday dessert table. Indeed, we will never run out of delicious desserts to make our Christmas extra festive. 

In Cebu City's ever changing food scene, you wouldn't run out of options, especially now that Cebuanos have started to discover or reconnect with their romantic affair with cooking/baking. 

Looking for sweets? Sweet Treats Bazaar got you covered this holiday season! Organised by CEA Creatives, The Chocolate Chamber, and Ayala Center Cebu, the bazaar is something you shouldn't miss regardless if you got a sweet tooth or not. 

The bazaar features ten stores with each bringing something you won't stop dreaming about. Get to know each of them in this humble post. Grab your sweets while supporting homegrown Cebuano products and talents at the Sweet Treats Bazaar. The bazaar is located at The Gallery, Lower Ground (Across Zara) @ayalacentercebu all weekends of December. 

🎄 The Chocolate Chamber
🎅Official Facebook/Instagram Page: @thechocolatechamber
🎁Contact Number: 0917 715 1521
🍫Physical Store: The Chocolate Chamber-Cafe Level 1, Verandah, Robinsons Galleria General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City (Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00 pm)
🧁🍪 Bloom Cebu Recommends: alfajores, white chocolate truffle, tsokolate drink
Ever since I have tried their signature chocolate drink, there's no way to unloved the finest chocolate products of The Chocolate Chamber. The chamber is the brainchild of no other than the Philippine Chocolate Queen Raquel T. Choa. No other chocolate brand in the Philippines has gone beyond chocolate like TCC. Imagine a cacao stained fabric turned into a stunning gown? Only TCC does that, or a modern twist of the Argentinian Alfajores? The Chocolate Chamber combines innovation and imagination that deserves to place Cebu as a chocolate destination. You will know what this is all about once you've tried any of their chocolate treats. 
Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year is the best time to embark on a chocolate journey. Aside from their post at the Sweet Treats Bazaar, grab TCC's chocolate goodness at Seda Ayala Center Cebu. 

Check out the showcase of the Chocolate Queen's innovation - the Cacao de Bola and selected variants of the famed flavor choco powder of The Chocolate Chamber (TCC) will be served soon at Seda Ayala Center Cebu and Seda Central Bloc.

🎄RX Cookies
🎁Contact Number: 0917 323 3844
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: handcrafted gourmet cookies NY Style, Rocky Road
With everything that has happened due to the pandemic, you deserve a cookie treat! 💕🍪
Check out and share these delicious premium cookies of RX Cookies at the Sweet Treats Bazaar at The Gallery, Lower Ground (Across Zara) Ayala Center Cebu all weekends of 
December.  They are also now accepting cookie orders for the holidays until TOMORROW so go ahead and drop them a message through their official Facebook account.  What's more? Part of the proceeds of RX Cookies will benefit the frontliners of the Women and Children Protection Center who selflessly serve all the abused women and children of Cebu. 😳😳😳😳😳 Thank you Dr. C! 
Cookie Flavors available: 
🍪NY Style 
🍪Rocky Road 
🍪Santa’s Treasure
🍪Black Forest
🎄Krave Cafe
🎅Official Facebook Page:
🎁Contact Number: 0915 038 1569
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Holiday Cupcakes, Milky Cheese Donuts 
Krave Cafe is like a treasure box. This shop has so much to offer with almost every item in their store being a best seller! I can't even pick which is my favorite from them. Can I say all? However, one shouldn't miss their Milky Cheese Donuts which recently bagged the Best of Cebu 2020 in milky donuts category. Here's what else they have which you can enjoy back in 2021! (They're now off for the holidays!)
starts at 600.00 (customizable)
starts at 320.00 (4 cupcakes & 4 soft & chewy cookies) 
tub of 12 150.00
tub of 25 280.00
box of 4 250.00
box of 6 350.00
🎄Sweets by Jenn Cebu
🎁Contact Number:0922 528 9505
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Chocolate Eclairs
Still looking for perfect sweet giveaways or dinner dessert this holiday season? Sweets by Jenn got you covered! Check out their delectable lineup of desserts which you can still order until TOMORROW! 👇
Be warned: their éclairs are SO SO GOOD!!!
🎄Christmas Eclairs - 140.00. Php / Box
🎄Classic Eclairs - Pho 120.00 Php / Box
🎄Banana Loaf - 150.00 Php (size: 8"x3") 
🎄Butterscotch Bars - 110.00 Php (half dozen)
🎄Festive Brownies - 125.00 Php (half dozen)
🎄Macaroons - 160.00 Php (2 dozens)
🎄Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies - 120.00 Php (half dozen)
🎄Joniks Tea and Coffee
🎅Official Facebook Page: Instagram: @jonikstc
🎁Physical Stores:> Poblacion West Moalboal, Cebu, Tisa, Labangon, Cebu City, Rabaya St., Talisay City (Takeout, Delivery)
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Chocolate Crinkles
Joniks Tea and Coffee always has a surprise to offer! Their infamous milk tea isn't the only thing that you should look forward to with them. This holiday season, treat your family with their extra gooeeyy, super chocolatey Chocolate Crinkles. For only 110php, you get to enjoy 10 pieces of this chocolatey goodness! If you're a health buff, they also have an array of organic juices which are perfect as gifts.
🎄Purple Owlette
🎁Contact Number: 0916 746 1441
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Classic and Ube Buko Pie, Chicken and Tuna Empanada
Purple Owlette elevated our usual fillings of empanada. Theirs is super flavorful and savory. Plus, it has sweet corns which is actually a surprise to the palate! Mind you, they are also very filling which makes them perfect for hungry tummies! Balance the savory with something sweet. Go get a box of their classic or ube buko pie. 
Definitely not your Ordinary Buko Pie and Empanada...
Empanada Flavors: 👇👇👇👇👇👇
✅ CHORIZO (Regular/Spicy) Empanada
✅ Special TUNA HAWAIIAN Empanada
✅ SPICY TUNA Empanada
✅ CHICKEN Empanada
PLUS their best tasting, generously coconut-layer filled..👇
🎄Dale's Magic Marinade
🎁Contact Number:
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Dale's Magic Marinade in Classic and Spicy Variants

Dale's Magic Marinade is an all-in-one magic concoction specially made with a unique blend of herbs and spices that will help you turn any ordinary meat into a delicious feast! Perfect as a gift for cooking-loving mamas or to someone who is a budding chef. 
Dale's Magic Marinade from Cebu is now also available in Manila. Choose from their Regular or Spicy flavor 🌶  For only p150 and p170 per bottle (330ml) 
They also accept special orders for corporate giveaways and for any other celebrations. They use eco-friendly packaging which is a handsome plus!
🎄Native Kakanin Cebu
🎅Official Facebook Page:
🎁Contact Number:0945 598 8908
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Pichi Pichi, Sapin Sapin
When we talk of native foods, we often associate them as something we can only enjoy during misa de gallo. No need to fret as Native Kakanin Cebu will bring your classix pinoy favourite kakanin straight to your homes and at Sweet Treat Bazaar in Ayala Center Cebu. These kakanins can be served in bite-sized bunch or for bigger events. A plain delicacy taste or for assorted taste buds!
HURRY UP! 🙌They still accept reservations for December 24 & 25 until December 23, 3PM. 😊
Message or call us for faster bookings. 
Delivery is via Maxim/Lalamove. 
MOP- COD/Metrobank/BPI/Gcash
🎄Gugu Manju Cebu City
🎅Official Facebook Page:
🎁Contact Number: 0995 298 4209
🍪🍫🧁 Bloom Cebu Recommends: Chocolate Manju
This soft, fluffy, and creamy Korean inspired sweets will take you to another level of happiness. 
🎄Craving Culture Desserts
🎅Official Facebook Page: @cravingculture_ph
🎁Contact Number: 09956719282
Thinking of giving your family and friends something sweet for Christmas? Try the Truffle box of Craving Culture one of their bestsellers. It is aslo a perfect treat or as a holiday giveaway! It comes in 3 diffrent flavors - Almond White Choco, Oreo and Coco Snowball. 
At Craving Culture Deserts, you will also satisfy your cravings with their Mango Tapioca and Black Sambo. And yes, they also have really cute face masks! 
The sellers and organizers of the Sweet Treats Bazaar in Ayala Center Cebu. Kudos! 
At the opening day of the bazaar, onlookers and members of the media were able to meet Cebuano Designer Bree Esplanada and The Philippine Chocolate Queen Raquel T. Choa introduced their creative collaboration - gowns made of chocolate stained fabric and designed with cacao beans. 
A showcase of the Chocolate Queen's innovation - the Cacao de Bola and selected variants of the famed flavor choco powder of The Chocolate Chamber (TCC) will be served soon at Seda Ayala Center Cebu and Seda Central Bloc. Chocolate lovers may have these products ’to go’ and savor TCC’s flavored chocolate in the comforts of one's home.

This latest project of TCC was made possible through the collaboration of The Chocolate Queen Raquel Toquero-Choa with Seda Ayala Center Cebu represented by its General Manager Ms. Gwen Dela Cruz and Hotel Manager Mr. Ron Manalang of Seda Central Bloc.

With this partnership, TCC and the Chocolate Queen concretize its  'Triple P’ principle. The third ‘P' stands for ‘Participation' as she engages in collaborative projects with other stakeholders of the cacao industry.
Sweet Treats Bazaar is at The Gallery, Lower Ground (Across Zara) Ayala Center Cebu in all weekends of December. 

Support our local economy by buying homegrown Cebuano products made by Cebuano talents. Happy Holidays Cebu!