Call me traditional but our family, particularly my mother, believes that we must have something sweet on our table during the holidays. It would attract some sweetness in our life, she said. I'm not much of a believer for such things but who would say no to something sweet especially when they're as delectable as chocolates? 

      To say that the covid-19 pandemic affected us would be an understatement. However, being known as a positive nation, we Filipinos will surely find ways to celebrate the holidays and keep the kitchen busy especially during Christmas and New Year's eve. Regardless of how we celebrate Christmas, whatever it is that makes us happy is more than enough when we share it with our loved ones. So go ahead and don't hesitate to bring in an extra source of cheer this season. 

     One fool-proof spring of joy is chocolate treats. No matter how full anyone is during your Christmas dinner, I bet no one would say no to chocolates. From freshly-baked cookies to specialty cakes, here are chocolate treats by The Chocolate Chamber. Whipped by the Philippine Chocolate Queen herself- Raquel T. Choa, these will bring your holiday dessert spread to the next level.

Philippine Chocolate Queen and The Chocolate Chamber Founder Raquel T. Choa
      This Christmas season, there is no way for you not to fall in love with the chocolatey treats coming from Cebu's favorite chocolate boutique. What's more, is that these are all wrapped in elegant cacao-stained fabric and ready to give to loved ones and friends. That way, you know that you are sharing something decadent but also environment-friendly. That's food for your tummy and for your thoughts!
Chocolate Ensaimada
     Countless variants have been out in the market when it comes to this classic Filipino favorite pastry - the ensaimada. Although it's often enjoyed as a part of afternoon merienda, it is also something that can be truly savored any time of the day. 

      TCC did a new twist to the ensaimada we all know. Pure chocolate is added to the dough before it is folded, rolled, and shaped. The baked pastry is then coated with whipped butter and topped with grated cheese. The result? a soft, fluffy, and chocolatey pastry. I have tried this treat and it is definitely a palate favorite of mine. I've never thought cheese and chocolate would go so well in a pastry. This is a must-try and a must-share!A box of six retails at P500. 

Tablea Old-Fashioned Cake

     Christmas dinner in our family always involves a chocolate cake. If we are in the same boat, this Tablea Old-Fashioned Cake by TCC is for you. This cake made of Filipino chocolate is not only made of love but also of the finest cacao beans from the rich earth of Cebu. A perfect centerpiece on your holiday table or as a Christmas gift as this is also accessorize with cacao-stained fabric.

       TCC also offers something special up to the end of December. You'' get to try four of their original 3-inch sizes for only P1,350. For that price, you'll get a perfect dose of chocolate from their Tablea Old-Fashioned, Chocolate con Corazon, Moist, and Founder's Cakes. They're all delectable but you must-try the Founder's Cake which is an exceptional 14-hour creation!

Alfajores + Gaetano's Wine
     Spice up your wine pairing with TCC's twist of Alfajores instead of the usual cheese. You'll be surprised with the fresh burst of flavor as you combine chocolate with wine. The Chocolate Chamber got your back as they partner with Gaetano's Wine Bar to bring you the perfect match. Best shared after a sumptuous meal or as a holiday gift for an indulgent friend. 
A personal favorite, Alfajores is a South American favorite made of crumbly vanilla cookies with creamy caramel filling. TCC elevated the confection by enveloping rich chocolate coating made from Philippine tablea. 

     Philippine Chocolate Queen and The Chocolate Chamber Founder Raquel T. Choa calls this her version as introduced to her by her Argentinian friend Norma. More than just a sweet surprise, alfajores reminds us of the joys of sharing unforgettable moments with good friends. A box composed of six individually wrapped alfajores costs P450.

     As every day is a sweet surprise with Alfajores concocted by the Chocolate Queen of the Philippines herself - Raquel T. Choa.Soon enough, we will be delighted with this healthy twist of the classic dark chocolate Alfajores. Stay-tuned for these Malunggay-infused Alfajores of The Chocolate Chamber.

Holiday Chocolate Cookies
      Christmas is the season for all kinds of sweets and cookies aren't an exception. Cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa as you take bite after bite of TCC's cookies coated with dark and white chocolate this holiday season. Whether you're hosting a cookie swap, or participating in a Christmas party, these festive chocolatey cookies are sure to spark joy in your holiday.
Classic Chocolate Bars in Dark, Milk, Milk Chocolate, and Cayenne Variant
   Keep your Christmas dessert classy with these beautifully decorated chocolate bars from the Chocolate Chamber. Warm-up your taste buds with chocolates. These may be given in bigger or smaller size depending on your preference. TCC can also prepare a perfect mix of different chocolate variants in a cup as a perfect holiday giveaway. 

   The white chocolate with dark cacao nib must be my personal favorite but the one with cayenne pepper is a must-try and a hot delight to the palate! You can even put these treats on top of your favorite hot cocoa concoction.
Chocolate prince and princess Jonathan Choa and Hannah Choa
Which of these chocolate treats are you willing to take home this Christmas? Don't forget to drop by at The Chocolate Chamber and experience the joy coming from the goodness of cacao.

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