Love, Unity, and Respect are the core values of the school

The pandemic has affected the education system not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well.  But Childlink Learning Center and Childlink High School, Inc. has coped well with the challenges brought about by this worldwide health crisis.

Before the pandemic, Childlink has prided itself on high quality education through face to face classes and close supervision by teachers and teachers’ aide.

It has been designated by Character Education Partnership with headquarters in Washington, USA  as the first School of Character in the Visayas and Mindanao, with an accredited character education program. Established in 1993, the Character organization aims to foster character development in schools and communities.

To maintain the high standards it is always known for, Childlink Learning Center and High School Inc. has to make some adjustments on how they handle the classes, which they now conduct online or through homeschooling due to the pandemic.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest (from Benjamin Franklin)

Technology is just a tool. To get the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. (Bill Gates)

The teacher is the motivator for learning

Childlink Online Classroom

Childlink’s Online Classroom provides a safer and more accessible learning environment. It focuses on the students as individuals, respecting their identities and focusing on their current knowledge and skills. By knowing their students’ capability, the school is able to maximize the potential of each student.

Online classes open a whole world of possibilities as students learn how to access reliable sources of information with the guidance of their teachers.

“So far, after the first quarter, most of our students have good grades even though that classes are done online,” says Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio. “Because here in Childlink, it has always been inculcated in students the value of being responsible.”

The Childlink Online Classes further developed this sense of responsibility among the students.

Aside from teaching their students to become responsible, Childlink students have also acquired good values, such as sharing and helping each other.

This strategy has paid off for Childlink as their students continue to do well in their studies and help each other in their studies.

Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

Parents are our partners in the success of students' learning

Unity is the bond that links us together.

Close Monitoring

 Because classes are done online, the school had set up group chats and break out rooms to allow students to socialize with each other and work on the tasks given to students. The group chats and break out rooms also help foster long distance relationships among the students.

To ensure that the students are on track with their studies, the school uses a learning management system to monitor group chats and breakout rooms, which enable teachers to guide the students on their studies.

Early results on the online classes showed that it could also be as effective as traditional, face-to-face classes.

With the advent of so many Internet resources, students can learn to be independent and be self-reliant. However, there is a need for closer collaboration among teachers and classmates as well as with parents.

Childlink Home School Program

Aside from online classes, Childlink offers another option to parents, especially those living in areas where the Internet connection is hounded by slow speed.

“The school also has home schooling, when parents are given the topics to be studied every week. But we also give the home school students the opportunity to join the online classes,” Ms. Tio explains.

The Childlink Home School Program provides a great opportunity to integrate the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and character development in a natural and nurturing setting. Childlink learning modules are appropriate for each student.

The program offers academic flexibility. It enables parents to choose the pace and approach for their children’s lesson modules. This means that they could make some adjustments, depending on various situations at  home.

Watching educational videos on You Tube, Tiktok and on TV keeps the child’s interest in the  Home School Program.

To monitor the home school students’ performance and to ensure that they learn their lessons, the school conducts weekly assessment for each student.


Whatever program the students are under, Ms. Tio emphasizes the importance of the school’s collaboration with the parents of their students.

“We need the support of and collaboration with the parents, (especially) at this time (of the pandemic),” says Ms. Tio.

Childlink does have good relationship with the parents of their students even before the global health crisis.

The school had been conducting parenting seminars on various topics. It had also emphasized the importance of parents having communication with their children.

The global health crisis underscores the importance of the parents’ participation in their children’s education.

Ms. Maria Theresa F. Tio, Managing Director of Childlink Learning Center and Childlink Highschool, Inc.


The school also offers After School Care Program, daily tutorial classes for English and Chinese  and Music Instrumentation Class.

Since online classes are recorded, parents and students who want to review these videos can access these from the school’s database.

Childlink’s strategy ensures that the quality of education the school offers will not be affected when it transitioned from the traditional classes to e-learning.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tio believes that online classes is here to stay, citing other countries like Singapore had been using hybrid learning, a mix of face-to-face and online classes.

In fact, the World Economic Forum cites a recent research that indicates that e-learning or online classes been shown to increase retention of information, and takes less time. This means that the changes in the education caused by coronavirus might be here to stay.

Eventually, education will slowly become technology-based, and automation will become the norm, she added.

About Childlink Learning Center and High School, Inc.

Childlink Learning Center and High School, Inc. is a private international school in Cebu, Philippine offering both English and Chinese curriculum for the playgroup, nursery, grade school and high school levels. The school has highly qualified staff and has a strong commitment to offer quality education