Beatrice Luigi Gomez

It’s time to be honest to young girls that when life challenges you, there isn’t going to be a knight in shining armor to come for rescue. It’s time that we tell them that marrying a man isn’t an escape route from poverty. Stop telling them to be a good cook because that is what men are looking for in a woman or wash the plates for men because that is what makes a good wife. The skills of a woman should be for herself. In the game of chess, the queen holds greater power and control over the king. Beautiful girl, don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Happy National Women’s Month! 💕 

     These are the words imparted by the 25-year-old Beatrice “Bea” Luigi Gomez on her Instagram post dedicated to Women’s Month last year. While Cebu never runs out of awe-inspiring women, countless are the reasons why Bea is one of its beacons of hope. 

     Last year, Bea took home the crown for Binibining Cebu 2020 – she's the pageant’s third titleholder and its first winner who is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. It wasn’t only her beauty queen titles and good looks that make her worthy of admiration, especially for young girls. Aside from her relentless dedication to helping others, Bea is also a highly-regarded athlete and fashion model. Adding to her list of accomplishments is the beauty queen’s recent achievement as part of the Philippine Navy Reserve Unit.  

     Women, in every walks of life, deserved to be celebrated daily, but there is no better time to highlight extraordinary Juanas in our respective communities other than on Women's Month. Bloom Cebu takes time to highlight female accomplishment in the person of Bea. Read on her thoughts and discussions on femininity and other timely issues.  

Reported cases of domestic violence have shot up in the Philippines since the pandemic took place, but the crisis also introduced strong female voices. What values do you think females of today should develop in order to empower themselves and others?

Bea: Modern-day women should develop their leadership skills and influence other women to be role models of compassion and kindness, or as I would like to call it, our gentle strength. We are often told our emotions make us weak and ineffective leaders but the truth is our capability to acknowledge our weaknesses is what exactly makes us strong. We overcome our difficulties and push ourselves to be better and sometimes we do it selflessly to nurture and care for others especially the ones we love. We do not have to be tough all the time what matters is that we do things and make decisions with love and we women should be taking the lead not only for ourselves, for our peers, and loved ones but most importantly for the future generation of women who will walk the path we leave behind. 

The pandemic takes a great toll on the global economy. We've witnessed a lot of business establishments fell to bankruptcy while many workers suffered from unemployment.  As a Binibini, what are your own ways of supporting our local industry? 

Bea: Way before the pandemic, it had always been an advocacy of mine to support local products and I’ve learned that sustainability is the key to keep our economy going. I had been promoting the Hablon of Argao for over a year but there are other local products that I’ve been working hard to support, one of which was the Bayong Cella which is a livelihood program for the Persons Deprived of Liberty from the BJMP Cebu City Male Dormitory. I’ve sold their products for a cause so that they can generate income and provide support to their families at home at the same time raise funds to support my other humanitarian projects. I am also using my platform to help business owners promote their products without any compensation and sometimes even ask them not to give out their products for free especially when they are just starting out. As a Filipino, I’ve always admired the fact that we practice Bayanihan in our customs and traditions and I know that one day, this will be our key to rise above the challenges that we are confronting today.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Ms. Beatrice Luigi sporting a whole ensemble made out of the Hablon of Argao. The light-colored outfits are part of the Hablonuevo Collection of foremost Cebuano designer Dexter Alazas.

You've surprised Cebu when the news came out that you've joined a military course training for the Philippine Navy Reserve Unit. Now that you have completed your training, what new insights did the course give you in terms of duty and service?

Bea: The pandemic made me realize that I’ve always been passionate to serve others. When I used to work for an LGU here in Cebu, I always found social service as the most fulfilling and least exhausting task to accomplish. In a time when most of us seem to be insatiable, being with the most vulnerable sectors of the community made me grateful even for the smallest blessings. Someone once asked me why I chose to serve the military when I can join other organizations if all I wanted was to help others. The uniform teaches us discipline and character and most importantly the value of modesty. I chose to be part of a family where we show up even if no one is watching.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez

This year, we are guided with the theme “We Make Change Work for Women” in celebration of National Women's Month.  What proactive changes would you like to see for women particularly in creating a more inclusive world?

Bea: I would like to see women embracing each other’s differences and supporting one another to create a ripple of positivity in an age where we feel insecure about ourselves because of what is made known to us through social media and the standards that society has set for us may it be physical or social standards. 

With all the titles and victories you have won, how would you like to be remembered?

Bea: Rather than be remembered for my titles or achievements, I would rather like to see the next generation of women becoming more empowered and taking the lead may it be politics or business or math and sciences, I dream to one day hear statements like “We owe our success to a woman.” Women still have a long way to go and it’ll be an honor to belong in a generation who fought for women’s rights and equality through my continuous efforts in breaking the norms of what is considered as acceptable or ideal because no one should be dictating us on what roles we should play in the society.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Ms. Gomez being awarded an MVP Award at the Interdepartmental Sports Tournament of the 49th Charter Day Celebration of Mandaue City
Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Bea on her latest public appearance as Binibining Cebu during the ceremonial welcome of the ship Juan Sebastían de Elcano as it approached the docks of Cebu. The historical event is part of the 500th year celebration of the world’s first circumnavigation. In this photo, Bea is wearing a Tailored Terno and high waist square pants with Pintados inspired printed inner onesie by designer Hanz Coquilla 
Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Beatrice Luigi Gomez

Bea's Winning Moments where she was crowned by Ms. Aberasturi and Ms.Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

 A person's life regardless of one's gender is not without tribulations, but when we have each other and continue to try to be a source of hope just as Bea does, good things will continue to bloom in our ways. Happy Women's Month! 

***All photos are from Beatrice Luigi Gomez' official social media accounts