It's a fact that the pandemic stunned various industries that fuel the global economy. The fashion and arts industry is no exemption. Since the onset of the crisis, we have witnessed fashion brands including major fashion houses cancel their much-awaited shows or go for a virtual presentation.

      The local fashion industry here in Cebu City pretty much encountered similar dilemmas, but Cebuano fashion designer turned stylographer Dexter Alazas proved to be a standout adding to the countless reasons why many have considered his creations as synonymous with Cebuano fashion. 

       In collaboration with East Gate by Taft Properties, Alazas spearheaded a Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibit featuring his Hablon collection which is a proven tour de force for many fashion enthusiasts. A prelude to East Gate's Summer 2021, the exhibit stages exceptional textiles, apparel, and the best of hand-crafted finds. 

      The week-long exhibit highlighted the best of Cebu’s local crafts and Alazas' esteemed Hablon collection. To formally bring the art under the glory of the spotlight, a fashion showcase took place last March 19 at the East Gate Showroom. Dubbed as Hablonuevo, onlookers revel on the bright-colored, exquisite, and ornate apparel sported by top models of Admire Model Agency. Alazas shared that the event seeks to empower Cebuano artistry by showcasing Cebuano products. 

The stylographer Dexter Alazas with ADmire Models and East Gate by Taft Properties Executives
A proud localite, Lapu-Lapu City First Lady Madam Cindi Chan posed with Alazas' handmade creations
The show must go on - Admire Models donning the Hablonuevo creations of Dexter Alazas. One of which is the reining Binibining Cebu, Ms. Beatrice Luigi sporting a mint green ensemble

Meet the Stylographer
     Bloom Cebu took time to chat with Dexter Alazas on his collection and his work as a stylographer. "It's the trilogy Fashion Design Style," Alazas said when asked about the term. "I coined that term for myself, as someone who can design clothing, make fashion concepts, and style people and places or events," he added. 

    The pandemic was a challenge to the stylographer but it also boosts his creativity and outlook in life. With it, he has come up with a new motto to live by which is more apt for this time of crisis. "My motto now for shows is Stay Safe in Style," Alazas shared. 

    One must be curious about how he was able to pull off such a show and the necessary preparations he did in order to make it a success. Alazas said that aside from following the usual health and sanitary protocols, he makes an effort to be more cautious and sensitive to others. he stressed the importance of taking care of each other - ourselves and those who support us in our endeavor. 

     The stylographer was also quick to adapt to the new normal. He said that he now set zoom meetings with his clients when they have to establish initial ideas and only meets them personally in an alfresco setting following social distancing protocol.

     When instances prefer, Alazas as a fashion designer provides his services to his clients at home where there are no other people around - a safe initiative for him and his clients. Everything is also catered by appointments only.

     Though challenging, he doesn't allow challenges to swallow him and his craft. "2021 is the start of a new decade and we have to adapt to the sign of the times. Let the Fashion Force take your local style to global heights. Nowadays, there are lots of people trying to be us, but we continue to evolve and become the best versions of our past. No fear." Alazas stated boldly. 

     The future feels uncertain but, creatives like Dexter Alazas prove that fashion stops for no one. It is limitless. It is dynamic. It is adaptable. In a single word - fearless

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