Admire Models Mentoring Workshop
     Summer is finally here and while our mobility is still somehow limited, it's no reason why we have to let go of great opportunities to learn. Despite the constant threat of the pandemic, we can't let our anxiety drown us and stop us from doing what we love. 

      One of the ways for us to learn is by joining workshops that cater to our needs and interests. It is also a good way to let the younger generation pre-occupied and develop their skills. While some camps and workshop organizers have gone out of business or opted to remain closed for the season, Admire Models Mentoring Workshop is welcoming those who would love to harness their skills in fashion modeling and personality development. With its line up of "phygital" - physical + digital activities, participants can expect a fun and fashionable summer experience. 
Admire Models Mentoring Workshop

    Dubbed as Summer Soiree: Fashion and Fun in SummerAdmire Models Mentoring Workshop promises the fun side of fashion as they give their mentees the direction which adapts to the unique personalities of their participants. Due to pandemic concerns, the workshop is composed of a mix of physical and digital sessions. Physical sessions will be held on one on one basis to ensure the safety of both the mentee and the mentor. 

     It is a handsome plus for the mentees as they get the chance to focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Admire Models head mentor Dexter Alazas said, "the goal (of the workshop) is not just about the looks, it's all about discovering personalities." Interested participants are allowed to choose from the basic and advanced course of the workshop. 

   They also have an internship program for each mentee with immersion in various events and activities. It seeks to allow them to experience firsthand the rigors of training. Each of them will also be given a probationary period to be part of the agency until they fully develop and complete the KSA visions of the agency.

     The mentorship will be repleted by insights coming from other experts in fashion and modeling, as well as wholesome social media influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

📌Who are eligible to join the workshop?

Everyone starting from teens to adults is welcome to join the mentoring workshop.

📌How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is 1,000.00php. Other fees may apply per session. 

📌 When will the workshop begin?

The workshop is ongoing and can be booked anytime through Admire Model Philippines' official Facebook page.

📌What is the registration procedure?

Interested parties just have to message online and will be given in-depth details on the program. They may also reach out to Admire Models head mentor stylographer Dexter Alazas at 0970595171.

📌When and where will the program be held? 

The workshop will be held on one on one basis and will follow a flexible schedule depending on the availability of the mentor and the mentee. Sessions will be held alternately online and on location in an alfresco setting.

Here are some fun and fashionable shots featuring some of the promising mentees of Admire Models:

Admire Models Mentoring Workshop

Photos by Shadne Genterone
MUA Ronnie Matudan and John Espinoza
Styling by Dexter Alazas
 Featured Models: Eleuthea Mitch C. Lacbayo, Doris Cana L. Koike, Donato Roel C. Lacbayo VI, Paul Donato L. Sian VII, Donato Christian B. Lacbayo IV, Karl Franz Gabaya, Carlos Vivares

Admire Models Mentoring Workshop

Admire Models Mentoring Workshop

Admire Models Mentoring Workshop