Although online classes continues to be the norm as the pandemic continues, Childlink Learning Center and Childlink High School Inc. was able to generate good performance from the school’s students because of the training the institution taught them before this crisis happened.

“Having incorporated in the curriculum the principles of being a School of Character has resulted in very good academic performance of our students,” says Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio.

While other students have struggled in their studies as schools have to shift to online learning after the government banned physical classes, Childlink students managed to overcome the challenges because of the good values they developed.

This is because Childlink offers meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that promotes character development.

The school’s curriculum has been developed with values as the anchor of teaching. An ‘Enduring Value’ is included in the syllabus so that for every weekly topic discussed in class, the teachers are guided with the focused value of the month.

“As early as pre-school they are already exposed to the character education, developing their soft skills such as communication, empathy and collaboration,” says Ms. Tio. “We did not have much difficulty when we shifted to online classes and our students were able to adapt to the shift in the delivery of instruction.” The students have learned to value more how to communicate properly so that their needs will be better understood by their teachers. The collaboration with peers is also one of the factors that made the students not lose touch with their social engagement.   

She explained that teaching students to become responsible has been proven to greatly help the students cope with the challenges of online classes. In the Online classes as well as the Homeschool program that Childlink is offering as learning platforms, students have learned to be self-reliant and independent. 

Ms. Tio stressed that teaching character education goes beyond the usual curriculum. “Apart from regular academic subjects, we still continue to teach the music instrumentation classes , hold extracurricular activities which are done online, and still manage to carry out community advocacies, all of which are helpful in promoting character,” she pointed out.

School Directress Maria Theresa Tio