Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Matcha Lemonade

I remember several years ago when I was still in college, milk teas are offered only by few cafés in Cebu. Today, almost every café in the metropolis has it on its menu. Although the drink has its origins abroad, it's undeniable that it is now a Filipino favorite, mostly by millennials. It's not a surprise since it's delicious, affordable, and a great thirst-quenching drink. However, it's also a sugar and calorie bomb. I love the drink and many milk tea fans would probably have it daily. Still, it's not something that is healthy which is why I am so stoked that I found a healthier alternative to my favorite milk tea flavor - matcha milk tea drink by Mizuya.

Oh, the good things you can find on Instagram! 😊💚I've only tried this recently and I am so relieved that it doesn't taste weird. It has the same matcha milk tea goodness minus the unwanted calories and sugar! If you have milk tea cravings now and then but want a healthier alternative, this is the drink for you. But first off, here are some bits of information about matcha if you're not familiar with it. I know some aren't fond of its strong taste since it has in fact a taste that one could get used to. However, its nutritional content is undeniably good. 

Matcha is indeed a type of green tea created by grounded tea leaves. In a way, it differs from the ones you see in tea bags since it's typically prepared by whisking its powder into hot water. This way, you are taking in all of its nutrients

Similar to other types of green teas, recent studies have found that matcha has a type of antioxidants called catechins EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body. It is important because antioxidants are helpful in equipping our bodies with natural nutrients that will help fight diseases. This is very timely especially now that we are in a pandemic, well, at least still here in the Philippines. I've also read that it could improve physical endurance which would make it an ideal drink before you do any of your favorite physical exercises.

I have tried two matcha drinks by Mizuya particularly the Mizuya Milk Tea and the Mizuya Teatox Lemonade. Apart from matcha green tea, the product claims to have other health-beneficial contents such as collagen. And while both products do taste sweet, the labels say it uses Stevia as its sweetener making it safe for diabetic patients or if you are someone who doesn't want the unwanted calories in your body. 


I have finished one box for each drink. Starting off with the milk tea, it does taste good, almost similar to matcha milk teas that you can easily avail everywhere these days. Although, I find it a bit sweeter than I would normally prefer and less creamy. Still, it won't be a problem. You may add plain yogurt to your drink as I did or any milk of your choice. It tasted good either way. 

As for the lemonade, I don't find the taste bad. However, I find the combination of matcha and lemonade really interesting. It's something that you have to get used to although, it's not an issue for me because I've always been fond of drinking green tea whether plain or flavored. If you're not used to the taste of matcha, which by the way, is somehow like a vegetable, I suggest you try the Mizuya Milk Tea first. 


The drinks claim to lower cholesterol and burn calories. Having finished one box for each drink, I couldn't definitely tell you much about it but here's what I noticed when I had the drinks, it improved my bowel movement. I have a sensitive gut which somehow makes me feel bloated. I'm also on a prescribed medicine that could induce an upset stomach. When I had the drinks, I never had any issues with my gut and I noticed that I feel so much better after I defecate. No weird feelings of being bloated in any way so perhaps, it does work as a teatox granting that it could detoxify the body. I don't know if it is due to the other ingredients in the drink, but generally, green tea has always been proven to provide similar benefits.  I don't know if it's also just me but, I do feel energized when I'm drinking it. I could work for hours without feeling the usual work burnout!


For sure, I would recommend this drink having tried them both but, just like any supplements of any kind, you have to consult your doctor about what you are taking especially if you have comorbidities or if you are pregnant or lactating. 

I love the drinks. They both taste good and I also love that I can have it either hot or cold! 

If you are considering the drink for weight loss purposes, well, we all know that nothing works unless you follow a balanced diet and exercise.


Mizuya Milk Tea costs 300php per box while the Mizuya Teatox Lemonade costs 440php.

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Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Matcha Lemonade
Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Matcha Lemonade
I find the lemonade as a perfect summer drink! Just add lots of ice! 😍😘😍😘
Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Matcha Lemonade
Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Matcha Lemonade
A very photogenic and a must-try drink! hmmm...