RAFI   Microfinance   (RAFI-MFI) together   with   Dolores   S.   Aboitiz   Children’s   Fund   (DACF) designed the TIGOM Project for RAFI MFI’s clients and their kids to promote saving through thedistribution of a Basic Financial Literacy coloring book and a coin bank for kids.The project   aspires to educate RAFI MFI clients and their children in order  to  be  prepared and resilient financially especially at this time of the pandemic. This will also enable clients’ kids to learn and review basic arithmetic (savings) and practice their reading comprehension skills and creativity through reading and coloring of the TIGOM Story and coloring book. 

The TIGOM Project aims to give due recognition to Tigom beneficiaries children for their effortsand commitments to the Tigom implementation. It aims to showcase and highlight the usage of the TIGOM coin bank and coloring book. The project aspires to advocate the value of savingsthrough Nanay's and Kids stories on their Tigom JourneyThere   are   three   Award   Categories   for   the   Tigom   Project.   The   Bigtime   Saver  (has   highestamount saved – min of 500php or above),  the Thrift Saver  (has highest number of coins/billssaved, min of 500 pcs) and the Tigom Ambassador (has saved 750php and above and stronglyadvocated the Tigom project to his/her family and friends). The Awardees will receive a cash giftand a Certificate of Recognition. RAFI MFI’s Chief Operating Officer, Jonar Dorado said, “They say that habits are formed if it isdone continuously for 21 days. While there were a lot of questions on this 21-day rule, theunderlying truth this principle holds is this - great habits are formed if done DAILY. ‘Train up achild in the way he should go. Even when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ - This verse fromProverbs reveals to us the key to developing an individual's habit and lifestyle - it should startwhile he/she is a child.”

About RAFI Micro-Finance Inc.

The Microfinance Program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI-MFI) provides financial and non-financial services to micro-entrepreneurs with a mission of elevating lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through stable and rewarding livelihood.Know more about RAFI by visitinghttps://www.rafi.org.ph/.