Dan Sy Lopez      My main goal in running this blog, 'Bloom Cebu' is to share what makes Cebu City a booming place to live in. That wouldn't be possible without the achievements of Cebuanos who have gone beyond the usual to create an impact and make Cebu bloom. I have said this before, and I would never be tired to say this again: Cebu is brimming with talented individuals whose passion keeps the creative spirit of the city burning. 

     One of the most talented, and I must say humblest Cebuanos I know is Dan Sy Lopez. I have met and chatted with this young actor just last year, and just recently, Dan bags another win for Cebu. Not just one, but three acting awards under his belt. I couldn't let the time pass without giving Dan the space he deserves so I went ahead and caught up with him. Despite his busy schedule as a professional and a creative, Dan promptly answered the questions I have for him. 

     Dan bagged the Outstanding Influencer of The Year from the International Icon Awards 2022 given via virtual event on February 27, 2022. The award focuses on the theme, "Flexible Life long Learning: Towards Peace and Sustainable Development." It looks into giving excellence awards as appreciation for roles played by accomplished institutions, organizations, and professionals within their sphere of work.

      Apart from that, Dan is also nominated with the Outstanding Indie Film Actor of the Year by the Saludo Excellence Awards for the year 2021. Saludo Excellence Awards aims to encourage individuals and organizations in making a difference through their contribution and have an impact in empowering our fellow Filipinos. If that's not enough to make Cebu proud yet, the young actor bagged the Best Actor Award at the 2021 Gawad Sining Short Film Festival for the film 'Mama Mayumi'. Gawad Sining Short Film Festival was born with a one-week full-house screenings (and awards night) at the Cine Adarna of UP Film Institute.

     Dan is set to fly to the capital this March to receive both awards on March 19,2022 at The Manila Hotel.

      In the film 'Mama Mayumi', Dan played the role of Ivan who encountered a beggar who turned into a gay genie. The latter granted one of Ivan's wishes to become a woman. Dan played both roles in the said film.

     Dan found himself being able to relate with the characters he portrayed in terms of how they love their family. "I always think about the love of Ivan's family and the support of those around my character as Ivan and Ivanna. I can relate to Ivan's role when he's in love. I love deeply and sincerely," Dan shared.

     While it was not his first time to do dual roles, he was able to pull through its challenges with the guidance of their director Sam Costanilla. "I played my dual roles comfortably because of his nice way of directing me." The acting part is something that he eventually found effortless, but identified the scenes where he was required to wear a pair of high heels as the most challenging part, at least, physically. 

    Dan's acting prowess proved that he has so much more under his sleeves. When asked about his upcoming projects, he shared that he will be working on a lead role in a Lenten teledrama titled "Kalbaryo ni Mario" written and directed by Sam Costanilla. The role will revolve around a story of a young man who has encountered bullying. 

   Dan looks forward to doing an action and a sci-fi project soon. With his recent awards and nominations, there's no way his aspirations aren't coming true. Dan Sy Lopez is truly an actor to look up to.

Dan Sy Lopez

Dan Sy Lopez in his roles for 'Mama Mayumi' 

Dan Sy Lopez