Anjo World Theme Park

Anjo World Theme Park

Young and old alike will have a more enjoyable stay at Anjo World Theme Park with the opening  of its latest attractions at the FUNtastic ARENA on November 30, 2022, as part of its third anniversary celebration.

The FUNtastic ARENA features rides that can accommodate guests of all ages, including kids, said Anjo World President Chester Lim. 

“There will be an arcade for kids and another for adults. There will be two major rides, one interactive ball games and an interactive educational component. Including the arcade games, the arena will  have additional 15 brand new equipment. All in all, we will have above 20 new attractions.”

The additional attractions located at the second floor of the Colosseo are in response to clamor of guests who requested a wider choice of entertainment at the theme park. The new attractions are located at a 500-square meter area at the second floor.

“Based on our feedback from our guests, they want more attractions for little kids. That’s why we conceptualized the FUNtastic ARENA, we made sure this was geared towards the kids and the family. It has an arcade type video gaming setting (for children and adults), unlimited rides for kids and educational attractions that will spark the senses of small children,” said Cedric Reyes, Anjo World head of sales, marketing and press relations. He added that theme parks will never be complete without the arcade.

“We are also looking at the park not only as outdoor park but also an indoor park,” said Mr. Lim. “We were really looking for people to stay to refresh themselves and then we make it more interesting by adding more attractions at the indoor arena.”

There are no additional charges for the new attractions are free and that ticket prices will remain the same, he said. “We would like to maintain that for the same amount of money that they pay, they will enjoy more out of the entrance fee they pay. For now, as an introduction, we will maintain the ticket price. It’s good for Cebuanos and non-Cebuanos to enjoy more amenities at the same price.”

He disclosed that they would like to position Anjo World not only for its recreation activities but also a go-to place for food so people will go there to enjoy authentic food. 

“We have upgraded our menu and now serving authentic Italian dishes,” Mr. Lim said. 

“We are giving a more complete experience to all our guests with the outdoor rides, the arcade and the food,” Mr. Reyes pointed out. Next year, he said, Anjo World will launch the e-card for more convenience to guests.

Mr. Reyes noted that the theme park has brighter prospects with the reopening of the economy and return to normal and the growing of guests going to Anjo World.

With the growing number of guests visiting the park, it is now open daily starting last November 24, 2022, from 12 noon to 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The theme park will also have extended hours starting December until New Year.

According to Reyes, they decided to open the theme park daily due to the clamor especially from non-Cebuano residents who want to enjoy the park rides whichever day that they come for a visit to Cebu. He added that this is also timely because of the Yuletide season. “We are feeling the Christmas season better.”

As part of their anniversary celebration, Mr. Reyes said, they invited 300 orphans to visit and celebrate the theme park’s anniversary from November 28 to 30, 2022. Each day 100 orphans will enjoy Anjo World’s rides and games at the FUNtastic ARENA.

Guests who will visit the theme park on November 30 will be having lots of fun while enjoying the music from the marching band, the mascot parade and fireworks. 

Mr. Lim reiterated that Anjo World continues to ensure that rides are maintained regularly. “We have a third party accredited engineer/auditor who check our rides every year although this is not part of government requirement. We want other people with other point of view to check our rides.”

Anjo World makes sure that all rides are safe and properly maintained. It also has a staff that have certification as safety practitioner as required by the Department of Labor and Employment. “We don’t only train marshals, most of the supervisors also undergo training,” he said.

According to Reyes, Anjo World is doing self-regulation on ensuring the safety of rides. “It’s our commitment to provide and to make the park safe every day. We are also up-to-date with the safety standards being members of the International Association (of Amusement Parks and Attractions).” 

Located at the Belmont One Commercial Complex, South Road in Barangay Calajoan, Minglanilla, Cebu, the outdoor rides include Anjo Eye, Boomerang, London Taxi, The Pharaoh, Golden Carousel, Hip Hop, Viking, Space Shuttle, Mr. Cup, Mr. Toad, Bumper Boats and Tower Drop.

Anjo World Theme Park would like to thank the following sponsors: Maya Business, MetroDeal, MyBus, Rakuten Viber, Klook, IPI, Bioderm, Casino Ethyl Alcohol and TwinBee.

Anjo World Theme Park

Anjo World Theme Park

Anjo World Theme Park

Anjo World Theme Park
Anjo World Theme Park