An oasis is a small, fertile, or green area in a desert region, typically containing a spring or well. In today's fast-paced world, an oasis could be anything that serves as a refuge, providing relief or a pleasant change from the frustrating, complex, or mundane. Finding an oasis in one's home to unwind and recharge sans the city's glaring traffic would be bliss – this aligns with Oasis Home's commitment.

Oasis Home (Subarashii Group Corporation) was established to provide luxury self-care products for the home, filling a gap in the wellness and health industry. As a proudly 100% Filipino-owned business, Oasis Home invests in the latest global technology to offer the most up-to-date products to the Philippines. The brand aims to bring the best of the world to every Filipino home, customizing it to their preferences. 

Embracing the Cebuano Market

Cebu has been attracting tourists and investors and will continue to do so to drive growth for many years to come. With its vast supply of resources and talent pool, Cebu remains at the forefront of economic growth in Central Visayas. The Cebuanos' vibrant charm and appeal to quality living are well-suited to Oasis Home's products, which boasts top-brass cube, Jacuzzi, and massage chairs. This means Cebu is ready to welcome the brand's current line in their homes as a regular item. Soon, Oasis Home will offer watch vaults, onsen tubs, towel heaters, and cold plunges.

From its two retail stores in the Philippines' highest foot-traffic malls, OASIS HOME MEGAMALL and OASIS HOME MOA, the brand will open its first branch in Cebu at SM Seaside City Wing on November 18, 2023.

Oasis Home's expansion into Cebu marks the brand's growth and provides the people of Cebu with a range of high-quality home wellness products. It demonstrates Oasis Home's dedication to enhancing the quality of life by offering diverse product offerings and ensuring customer satisfaction. With Cebu as the Oasis stronghold, the company believes it can further reach other Visayas key cities seamlessly soon.

The Birth of Oasis

During the pandemic, Oasis started selling high-quality far-infrared home saunas. Over time, as customers appreciated the products and the exceptional after-sales service, Oasis began to add more items to their product line. Eventually, Oasis expanded its business to include home goods beyond saunas and now has two retail locations in the busiest malls in the Philippines. Oasis Sauna, established on June 21, 2021, became Oasis Home and incorporated in March 2022.

Oasis Home is propelled by its core values, which serve as its guiding principles in delivering excellent and quality products and services. Innovation and creativity, Honesty in Sales and Service, Accountability and Discipline, and Integrity and Excellence are the foundation of Oasis' operations.

Oasis Home owes its success, in part, to its strategic partnerships with influential personalities from various industries. Notable figures such as Max Collins, Maggie Wilson, Beauty Gonzales, Aubrey Miles, Julius Babao, Stephanie Zubiri, Rona Tai, Chef RV Manabat, JC De Vera, Michael Bustos, Daniel Matsunaga, Troy Montero, and Doug Kramer have all played a significant role in promoting the brand and its products.

See you at Oasis Home's grand branch opening at SM Seaside City Wing (beside BDO) on November 18, 2023, at 3:00 PM. Follow Oasis Home's official social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook) and visit its website for more details.