Queen Mother of CebuQueen Mother of Cebu

Queen Mother of Cebu

"Queen Mother of Cebu The Pageant" is a beautiful initiative that celebrates mothers' invaluable contributions to their families and communities. It was founded by the inspiring Mrs. Julianne Mae Feliciano-Vera Cruz in the Queen City of the South and seeks to raise funds for charitable causes and future community programs in Cebu City, Cebu Provinces, and across the Philippines.

Earlier this month, the pageant organized a press conference at Robinsons Galleria Cebu to introduce its 23 charming candidates to the members of the press. Along with answering questions from the press, the candidates also walked the runway during the event’s fashion show segment. 

The pageant organizers recognized exceptional mothers who demonstrated outstanding qualities throughout the competition, including the prestigious Darling of the Press award. Furthermore, brands and sponsors supporting the event have selected their respective ambassadors based on the woman who best represents their values and mission.

Candidate no. 21, Rica Marie Lañojan, a single mother currently residing in Barangay Banawa, is one of the pageant’s awardees, garnering the Idol Queen Award from Idol FM. Bloom Cebu chatted with Rica about her advocacy and what being a #QueenIdol entails.

Queen Mother of Cebu
Queen Mother of Cebu

Bloom Cebu: Can you share something about your preparations for the pageant's upcoming coronation night?

Rica: Wearing high heels again is one of the hardest things in this journey. For the past ten years, I have been wearing comfortable footwear like sneakers, loafers, and flat sandals, but most of the time, I like wearing sneakers. That is why, since I am heavy already, I struggle with wearing high heels, so one of my preparations is losing weight. I am on a no-rice diet, which is quite adequate, but since I have a hectic schedule with a full-time job while being a full-time single mom, and our activities in QMC, I do not have the luxury of time to do every day exercise. 

Also, during my vacant time, I read inspiring lessons from other single moms on IG to fully grasp my advocacy, which is to amplify our voices to promote a better understanding and support for all single moms who, despite the challenges that come with parenting, remain resilient and steadfast in their love for their child/children.

Bloom Cebu: How do you feel about receiving the Idol Queen Award from Idol FM?

Rica: I am incredibly grateful since I did not expect to receive this award, in all honesty, because my fellow candidates are all amazing. The title #QueenIdol itself is an honor not just to me but to all single moms that I represent. 

Bloom Cebu: As an advocate for single moms, how will you use your voice to promote goodwill among other single mothers struggling with their parental roles?

I have practiced self-love for the past 10 years as a single mom. I know our task is never easy, especially when juggling our time. Still, I wanted to use this opportunity to inspire all single mothers on the Queen Mother of Cebu platform and continue with what I had started on my blog and through my different social media platforms.

 I have been writing my story on my blog and sharing self-love on my IG and FB pages. Surprisingly, with my authenticity in sharing my story, I have inspired single moms and women from all walks of life.

Bloom Cebu: What message would you like to give to iDol FM for choosing and to those who support you on your journey?

Rica: I am very grateful that you chose me as your Queen Idol, and I would not disappoint you by giving me this title—a huge thanks to everyone who supported me in this journey. I promise to fulfill my role as your Queen IDol by continuing what I started in my blog to inspire my fellow single mothers: always remember that we are worthy and capable of being loved and respected. And to continue being a symbol of strength, resilience, and love to the children we are raising— who are the hope of our nation.

Queen Mother of Cebu

Beauty pageants are more than just a competition to determine the most attractive girl in the room. A beauty queen should serve as a symbol of inspiration and empowerment for others. She must exhibit qualities of grace, elegance, and poise. Rica, who has already won the Queen Idol Award, is well on her way to being crowned a beauty queen. Her eloquence and beauty go beyond the pageant. To show your support, please visit Rica's Facebook page.

Witness the grand coronation night of "Queen Mother of Cebu The Pageant" on May 11, 2024, at the IEC Convention Center Cebu, and be part of an empowering journey for queen mothers. Tickets are now available for VIP: P1000, VVIP: P500, and General Admission: P300.