Dan Sy Lopez Cebuano Actor

How do young people inspire others? Others join beauty pageants, others excel in the academe, while others hone their talents and share them for the world to see. Such is the case for Dan Sy Lopez. At the tender age of 29, Dan has a number of acting awards under his belt, including his recent award from Star Hollywoods and a couple from two award-winning bodies in Manila. 

Making most of the opportunity to represent Cebuano talent, Dan flew to Manila last March to receive his Outstanding Influencer of The Year from the International Icon Awards 2022, and Outstanding Indie Film Actor of the Year by the Saludo Excellence Awards for the year 2021. 

For Dan, the star-studded awards night held at The Manila Hotel was a one-for-the-books experience. Sharing such a momentous moment, he answered some questions from an exclusive interview with Bloom Cebu. 

Dan Sy Lopez Cebuano Actor
                                                   Dan Sy Lopez receiving one of his awards
Dan Sy Lopez Cebuano Actor
Dan Sy Lopez with his fellow awardees at The Manila Hotel

How do you feel about receiving the awards, not to mention being the only Cebuano who won together with your team?

- I feel so overwhelmed knowing the fact that I'm the only Cebuano actor that garnered 2 awards. I'm also happy to share them with my "Mama Mayumi"  director Sam Costanilla that got the 3rd Best Film Award as well as Best Supporting Actress Joan Flores, Frinsloed Dahili for Best Music, People's Choice Award, and Anne Balagas, my co-awardee as Outstanding Indie Film Actress.

How was the awards night? Can you share with us some highlights or presentations that stood in your mind?

-We had the chance to meet with different artists from other parts of the country. Bgyo and Jinky Vidal stood out also with their respective performances during the awards night.

Among the key people from the industry that he met during the awarding night are some established directors, actors, and hosts like Nico Locco, PBB Lucky Season 7 Housemate Kristine Hammond, Fatima of the Idol Philippines, the neophyte boy band BGYO.

Dan is looking forward to working with Charlie Dizon who won as Most Promising Young Actress, BGYO Best Male Group, BINI Best Female Group & Daryl Ong Most Outstanding R & B Singer.

The multi-awarded actor would like to thank the Jury who entrusted the awards to him. "I’m thrilled and humbled," Dan said.

He also took the opportunity to pen a message of gratitude for everyone who has supported his journey as an actor: 

Direk Bee, Thank you for the trust. Continue to write more creative stories and I got your back always. Sir Sam, Thank you for trusting the whole process and also for trusting me. You made my acting easier. Thank you to the whole Mama Mayumi team, I am so grateful and honored to work with you all. All credits go to the entire team. To my family, friends & supporters who endlessly support and believe in my ability as an actor, Thank you! Lastly, Thank you, Lord God, St.Jude, Sto NiƱo, and Mama Mary for keeping my dreams alive. Hard work always pays off! 

When asked what he hopes for with his trophies and titles, Dan shared that he feels super blessed to have two local awards, 2 national and 2 international. "I could not ask for more! My message to myself is to continue doing what you really love and no matter what obstacles you are going through just keep up the fight and never give up on your dreams."

Dan Sy Lopez just finished filming for a Cinemalaya Short Film Entry and an upcoming Action and LGBT film advocacy.

Dan Sy Lopez Cebuano Actor
Dan Sy Lopez Cebuano Actor