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The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the lives of many Cebuanos. A number of businesses took an executive decision to close their operations, and many professionals especially freelancers lose massive livelihood opportunities. Despite these, the pandemic paved way for most Filipinos to rekindle their passion. One of which is their love for cooking which turned into viable home businesses.

Buoyed by the desire to assist small businesses in their entrepreneurial journey, FOOD BYTES came to fruition. Aptly described as a food delivery app, FOOD BYTES serves as a conduit for small businesses to connect directly and efficiently with their potential customers. Instead of waiting for long hours to receive order confirmation, the app sends food sellers real-time notifications of orders. Through the app's chat feature, customers are able to connect with their sellers. Once the order is confirmed, the sellers will book the orders through a third-party delivery service.  This is cheaper compared to the charges in other delivery charges in other apps. 

Unlike other food delivery apps available in the market to date which take a huge chunk of the sellers' sales margin, FOOD BYTES is an app with a heart. To give food sellers the maximum benefit of gaining income, FOOD BYTES does not take a specific percentage from the food sellers. Instead, the app sets a monthly subscription fee of 500php for them to continue selling their goods using the app. This means that 100% of the sellers' sales go to them. 

FOOD BYTES has a separate app for its sellers, and for its customers. The app currently has more than 100 food partners. 

"Our target is not the big restaurants but the small food business owners," said Don Sucalit, Board Chairman FOOD BYTES app. This is to provide the sellers the opportunity to maximize their market through the app. The app will also help the sellers promote their products through social media marketing. 

FOOD BYTES is fully conceptualized and developed by Cebuano entrepreneurs and IT professionals. Foremost Cebuano food blogger Carlo Olano serves the app as its managing partner. The app is created by Lapu-Lapu-based software development company Ferrets9.

Support and love local food businesses today! Download the FOOD BYTES app via GOOGLE PLAY STORE or APPSTORE. Connect with Food Bytes through its official Facebook page: FOOD BYTES PH

Food Bytes App