Cebu Online News Press Corps

Cebu Online News Press Corps (CONPC), a Cebu-based group composed of media personalities and content creators, celebrated its first anniversary celebration on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at the Kabilin Lounge of the Golden Prince Hotel. 
The event, dubbed as a celebration of success, collaboration, and purpose, is attended by valued guests and members of the corps.

Cebu Online News Press Corps
Mr. Robby Alugar, CONPC Founder

CONPC has been creating opportunities to network, learn, and strive to be a source of positive news and progress. In his opening remarks, CONPC founder Mr. Robby Alugar highlighted the value of gratitude, solidarity, and authenticity. Mr. Alugar also emphasized the dynamic roles of today's content creators. 

"As content creators, our role has evolved beyond promoting products and services. We now generate original work and explore new ways to connect with our audience. I'm proud that our organization is committed to promoting the beauty of Cebu and sharing inspiring stories that create happy memories and supportive friendships," Alugar stated.

Mr. Robby Alugar further encouraged CONPC members to use their access to valuable information and share their best practices. "Let's use our events as opportunities to network, learn, and strive to be a source of positive news and progress," Alugar added. 

CCCI President Charles Kenneth Co, inducted the new members of CONPC. From its initial 25 founding members, CONPC is now a growing family with more than 50 members. 

One of CONPC's vision is also to encourage appropriate use of traditional and social media by disseminating correct information. In line with this, the group invited Ms. Irene Sino Cruz to talk about the transition from traditional media to new media.

Ms. Irene shared the challenges of traditional media and her personal insights towards today's content creation. She encouraged CONPC members to strive for professionalism by being responsible with the things they share online. 

"It is also better that we promote the positive to give hope to those who are struggling with their problems. Positive news will also help boost their mental health and well-being,' Ms. Sino Cruz added.

Cebu Online News Press Corps
Ms. Irene Sino Cruz, writer, news anchor, editor, during her brief talk with CONPC members

Mr. Mars Mosqueda Jr. also delivered relevant tips and insights during the event with his brief talk about upholding responsibility in content creation. 

In his speech, he highlighted the role of accountability and responsibility in creating contents. 

Cebu Online News Press Corps
Mr. Mars Mosqueda Jr.during his brief talk on accountability and responsibility in content creation

 "Own your blog, whatever you post, you own it. Defend it. How can you defend your post without proper source? You need a reliable data to back your claim," Mars stated. 

Mars backed his discussion with concrete examples on how content creators stay accountable on their actions online.

He also gave tips on how bloggers and vloggers handle errors. 

"Acknowledge your mistake, don't delete your post, create another post to explain your mistake. Or update your post. Doing these means you are being responsible and accountable for your mistakes,"  Mars explained.
A fruitful Q and A  followed after the brief talks of Ms. Irene Sino Cruz and Mars Mosqueda Jr. where the members have proactively shared their understanding during the Q and A session.

CONPC has been actively initiating training and activities that would help enhance their skills and talents. The organization is motivated by the desire of social media/online content producers and influencers to become more professional and improve their skills. 

The organization has worked with various brands and companies since its conception last year, from private companies to NGOs, CONPC strived to be a harbinger of quality contents. 

CONPC's first anniversary celebration is sponsored by RC Goldline, SM Supermalls, Virginia Food, Inc., Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., San Miguel Brewery Inc., and the Office of Senator Imee R. Marcos.
Cebu Online News Press Corps
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mr. Charles Kenneth Co and CONPC Founder Mr. Robby Alugar

Cebu Online News Press Corps
Cebu Online News Press Corps

Cebu Online News Press Corps
Family and friends of Mr. Robby Alugar
Cebu Online News Press Corps
The newly inducted members of CONPC presided by CCCI President Mr. Charles Kenneth Co
Cebu Online News Press Corps
CONPC members and guests
Cebu Online News Press Corps
A celebration of gratitude and joy